Thought Bubble Countdown 6: Comics Versus Cancer,TB Mid Con Party,Titan Comics,Art Heroes, Magic of Myths and More!

thoughtbubblelogo2013Can you feel that people? No that’s not the moon being pulled out of the gravitation pull as Superman uses it to kill Nuclear Man (shudders at the memory). It is the approach of the Thought Bubble Comic Convention which is now two and a bit days away. Hoping to do do a countdown everyday now so hang on tight comic peeps because things just got biblical.

TB Countdown News


Comics Versus Cancer at Thought Bubble

Having had a Cancer scare myself a few years back and had a family member with Cancer I’m happy to do my bit to helpe raise awareness of this illness. Of course me putting a few lines on a website is nothing compared to Gordon Robertson and Cuttlefish, who have not only both survied cancer but are now actiely working to help those still battling it.

“It’s a cliché, but we wanted to give something back, says Gordon, we asked our friends in the comic industry to donate items to a raffle. I had bowel cancer, and my first wife died of breast cancer, so we’re splitting all proceeds between Beating Bowel Cancer and Breast Cancer Care.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care how rich or poor you are, so we decided on a raffle rather than an auction to give everyone a level playing field. Not everyone can afford to bid large sums of money in an auction for one thing, but most folk can afford a few raffle tickets at £1 a pop.”

Together they form the team behind Comics Versus Cancer who will be selling tickets at Thought Bubble for rafflw which includes original artwork, signed limited edition prints and books, and unique one off memorabilia. Look at those who have already been donating should give you an idea of the prizes on offer – Kate Brown, Laurence Campbell, Stephen Collins, Martin Conaghan, Robert Davis, Rufus Dayglo, Robert Deas,
Andy Diggle, Glyn Dillon, Kelly Sue DuConnick, Duncan Fegrado, Neil Gaiman, Tom Gauld, Iain Laurie, Gary Kelly, Jamie McKelvie, Leah Moore, Olly Moss, Ramon K Perez, John Reppion, Stephen Sutherland, Maris Wicks, Andrew Wildman, Rob Williams, Ben Willsher, and there are more arriving each day!

Thought Bubble Mid Con Party

If you want to hit the dance floor after a hard day of buying/selling and talking comics then get yourself down to the Leeds Corn Exchange for the TB Mid Convention Party. Details can be found here.

Titan Comics  at Thought Bubble

The not so new kids on the block have revealed what goodies they will be bringing to Thought Bubble with them.

Titan Comics is pleased to announced schedule for Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival in Leeds 23rd-24th November 2013!


Titan Comics, located on Table 128 of New Docks Hall, will have brand-new comics and exclusive prints on sale, as well as a packed schedule of events including portfolio reviews and unmissable signings with the industry’s top talent!

Monty Nero and Mike Dowling sign their game-changing post-superheroic statement, Death Sentence, throughout the weekend. This is an amazing opportunity to meet the creators behind the smash-hit sell-out debut! Also, Brit comics superstar Si Spurrier joins Titan on table #128 to sign his critical smash hit, Numbercruncher.

Other amazing creators signing with Titan include Stuart Jennett signing WWII dinosaur romp Chronos Commandos; John Higgins signing new hardcover collection Razorjack; Warwick Johnson Cadwell signing Solid State Tank Girl, and Martin Stiff signing an exclusive print for The Absence, which is nominated for this year’s British Comic Awards and collected by Titan in a deluxe volume late 2013. Also, Des Taylor, signing teaser artwork for his upcoming Titan comic, Scarlett Couture!


Are you an artist with skill, drive, and an explosive portfolio? You might be just what Titan Comics is looking for! Senior Editor Steve White holds portfolio reviews both days of the convention in the hopes of discovering new talented comic-creators!

Full schedule of Titan Comics’ Thought Bubble events:

Saturday November 23rd, 2013

Signing: Numbercruncher – Si Spurrier
Saturday November 23, 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Signing: Death Sentence – Monty Nero & Mike Dowling
Saturday November 23, 13:00PM – 14:00PM

Portfolio Review: Senior Editor Steve White
Saturday November 23, 14:00PM-16:00PM

Signing: Razorjack – John Higgins
Saturday November 23, 14:00PM – 15:00PM

Signing: Chronos Commandos – Stuart Jennett
Saturday November 23, 15:00PM 16:00PM

Signing: British Comics Award nominated The Absence print Martin Stiff
Saturday November 23, 16:00PM 17:00PM


Portfolio Review: Senior Editor Steve White
Sunday November 24, 11:00AM-12:00PM

Signing: Chronos Commandos Stuart Jennett
Sunday November 24, 12:00PM – 13:00PM

Signing: Death Sentence – Monty Nero & Mike Dowling
Sunday November 24, 14:00PM 15:00PM

Signing: Scarlett Couture Print Des Taylor
Sunday November 24, 15:00PM-16:00PM

Signing: Solid State Tank Girl Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Sunday November 24, 16:00PM 17:00PM

Other TB News

Magic of Myths

If you like Buffy and are on the look out for another kick ass heroine who is as quick with the wit as she is with her fists then check you need to swing by Corey Brotherson’s table and check out Magic of Myths . Corey will have an omnibus  edition containing series 1 & 2 as well  and A4 prints all fresh out of the printer’s oven…hmm warm prints.

mom3 MOM_Cover

Doctor Who Statues Anyone…anyone?

Heather over at Dinobot Illustration (Teaceratops Comics) has kindly donated her table to Kerry Dyer as she can’t attend TB this year. However this meant that I got to hear about Kerry and her brilliant statues which are bloody well awesome! I will definitely be stopping by Kerry’s table ( table 82 in New Dock Hall). Why you ask? For the fantastically eccentric Star Trek and Doctor Who models…that’s why! Kerry is also selling the who statues to specially to mark the doctor’s 50th anniversary.


Love the Tom Baker one!



Art Heroes

Man about town Dan Clifford will be taken time out from cultivating that fine beard of his to hit TB with vengeance with Art Heroes. Alongside him will be co-creator and artist Lee Robinson. I recommend folks check Halcyon & Tenderfoot out it’s a great all ages read. The guys also have some great special offers at their table which is located in the all-ages-centric corner of the Royal Armouries Hall, right next to The Phoenix, Fiver Arts, Hexjibber, Cinebook and Playful Leeds.



 Fábio Moon  will have two of our KILLJOYS variant covers as poster available at TB.


P M Buchan (New Dock Hall, table 109) will be launching the second issue of Gothic-horror series La Belle Dame Sans Merci, as featured in The Times Literary Supplement online, and BLACKOUT II: YOLO, the UK’s most offensive underground comix anthology.


Howard Hardiman will be at Table 77 in the New Dock Hall. He won’t have a huge amount of stock with him but what he will have is the following –


  • The Lengths, my 200-page hardback graphic novel based on interviews with male escorts in London.
  • Angela, my creepy collaboration with poet Chrissy Williams based on a twisted vision of Cabot Cove.
  • Cute animal prints – Hedgehogs! Polar bears! Sexy minotaurs! Oh, hang on. Um. Yeah.
  • All-new Badger Print – an a3 print on lovely thick card of Badger looking at the moon.
  • Also, I’ll have original artwork from The Lengths with me in a folder for your perusal!
  • Depending on space or time, or spacetime, I’ll also be doing little sketches.

To Kilt or not to Kilt?

Vote on whether Gary Erskine decide if he should ‘go kilt’ over the coming TB (good luck with that one mate!).




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