Toy Review: Lego 21108 Ghostbusters

Last year saw the release of the much anticipated Lego Back to the Future set, which had been voted for by fans on The Lego Company’s pretty innovative CUSSOO site. There, fan-made ideas were voted on, and if they got past 10,000 votes, reviewed with a chance of actual production. The DeLorean was the fourth such set, but by far the highest profile (although the Minecraft one clearly sold enough to get three more follow on sets), and proved the idea that Lego had the contacts to nail down some decent licensing agreements for nostalgia product. It also opened the floodgates to countless similar projects, most of which never made it, but one did. So now I have the pleasure of reviewing set 21108: Ghostbusters.

It’s clear from the off that Lego looked at the feedback from the Back to the Future set and took a lot of it on board. As with that set, the price point is a little high, but not too high (£45 in the UK) and the box is smaller than the usual, more disposable Lego boxes but feels more solid, like its something you want to keep. It also opens without any tearing of tabs, which given that this is clearly a collectors set, is a big deal. Inside is a glossy instruction booklet with some additional stuff on both the film, and the designers of the original CUUSOO project. Once you’ve taken all that in, it’s on to the building!


First thing you build is the figures. You get all four Ghostbusters with unique printed overalls, and then get to build a set of Proton Packs for them. These latter items are really neatly put together, but are pretty heavy so it’s a good thing the set also comes with a buildable display stand, complete with logo, to stand them on. Again, its clear they know that these are going to end up on display, not in a toybox (mostly) and it’s a nice feature that I hope we get more of. And then, onto the ECTO-1, one of the most iconic cards in 80s cinema.

If there was a valid criticism of the Delorean last year, it was that it didn’t quite capture the lines of the car itself, winding up looking a little “boxy”, especially around the roof. ECTO-1, however, is based on a 1950s Cadillac Hearse, and so “boxy” is exactly what it needs. It is a deceptively clever build, too, making a lot of use of “SNOT” – Studs Not On Top” – construction techniques to build up the sides without adding a lot of weight. The side windows are ingeniously put on in a way I’d never had thought of. And throughout it’s full of colour and detail and love for the source material. It’s very detailed too – its even got windscreen wipers!

If you’re fan of Ghostbusters (and who isn’t, right?) you owe it to yourself to get this set, you really do. It’s a labour of love from the original team and from the Lego Company, and it’s great value. And knows, the more they sell, the easier it may be of these sort of projects made. Lego CUUSOO is now Lego Ideas – go check it out!

GS Blogger: Matt

Rating: 5/5

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