TRAILER: Godzilla for PlayStation 3 and 4

Godzilla is the big bad monster that just will not die! Throughout many incarnations, throughout generations, people still want to see the god lizard tear stuff up. Bandai Namco released Godzilla for the PlayStation 3 and 4 in December of last year. Europe and the US get their turn at it in 2015.

It doesn’t look amazing, but it looks like it will be able to offer up what Godzilla fans desire: giant monsters fighting while they destroy entire cities. There have actually been many Godzilla games in the past decade. Two Godzilla games were released for mobile devices and tablets in coordination with the 2014 live action movie. One was a match 3 puzzle game with Godzilla trappings, and the other is a mobile game that puts you in the boots of the soldiers you see in the 2014 trailer, who do a HALO jump to confront Godzilla.

This Godzilla is the full experience. The monsters included in the game span the entire history of the series, which includes the latest film. There’s no word on if 1998’s Hollywood Godzilla, informally referred to as “Zilla,” will make an appearance in the game.  All I know is that Godzilla is coming in June, so be prepared!


GS Blogger: VichusSmith

Source: Blastr

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