Not another Vampire film I hear you cry, but wait this could be the real deal. A hard core vampire film with no humor or sparkles. Stake Land comes out in June 17th and the trailer makes this looks like a return to form for the vampire world.

A young boy (Connor Paolo, Gossip Girl) is about to learn how cruel the world can become. Martin was a normal teenager before the country collapsed in an empty pit of disaster, and a vampire epidemic swept across the nation’s abandoned towns and cities. It’s up to Mister (Nick Damici, Mulberry Street, World Trade Center), a death dealing, rogue vampire hunter, to get Martin to safety. Armed with a trunk full of wooden stakes and a desperate will to stay alive, Mister and Martin make their way through locked down towns, recruiting fellow travelers along the way. Among them are a devout nun (Kelly McGillis, The Accused, Top Gun) and a pregnant teen (Danielle Harris, Halloween, Halloween 2)…

And a few stills below because we want to wet your appetite.

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SOURCE: Think Jam, Metrodome UK

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