TV REVIEW: Castle Season 6, Episode 4 ‘Number One Fan’

**Spoilers if you haven’t watched last weeks episode’
We start this episode with Beckett still stunned at her being fired from her job in DC.  They really have committed to having her back in New York – hooray!  After her being fired at the end of last weeks episode, I expected an episode filled with her trying to get her job back only to realise that her heart was still in the Big Apple. Instead, they surprised me by saying ‘yes, she’s unemployed and no she can’t just walk back into her old job back due to budget cuts, let’s move on.’  That’s what I love about Castle, it’s aware of the usual tropes and just steamrolls over them, doing things their way.
But back to this week,  Castle and Beckett are now both civilian consultants who offer their assistance on a hostage situation.  A woman is seen fleeing from the scene of her boyfriends murder and takes a nearby dentist surgery hostage while proclaiming her innocence. And the only person she will talk to is Richard Castle.
It emerges that the young woman is a huge fan, only allowing Castle to enter the dentist surgery once he has answered a series of questions that only he would know.  It’s a fun scene that reminds us that Castle actually does write books sometimes!
Again, the writers don’t go down the usual ‘superfan so must be super geeky’ road, rather they paint of picture of a confused young woman who is convinced that he is the  only person who can solve the puzzle of who killed her boyfriend.
While Castle is playing at negotiator, it’s fun seeing Beckett’s natural leadership come through when she takes charge of the investigation even though she isn’t an NYPD cop.  And it’s fun to see how, despite the smallest of protests, Esposito and Ryan fall right back into following her lead.
It’s a good episode but I’ll be honest and say it’s left me wanting more.  In previous seasons we had Becket investigating the  murder of her mother, shadowy powerful figures trying to stop her, family members being kidnapped.  I feel that we are missing something from Season 6.  Bring back Castle’s Dad!  Or some other big conspiracy.  A story arc that we could get our teeth in to would be lovely right around now please!
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: mybiggeekadventure

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