Two Brand New Original Commissions Coming to E4

I could make the usual analogy about buses, except instead of buses, make it two shows coming at once, but I’m far too classy for that. There are however, two original comedy commissions coming to E4 in the next year or so and both sound like they will be worth viewing.

Aliens is a 6-part series that comes from the makers of Misfits. The setup is that aliens have been here with us for the last 40 years, but they aren’t allowed to live with us. They are shunted off to live in Troy, a ghetto where crime thrives. When Lewis, a border control guard at the checkpoint to Troy, finds that he is half-alien, his life is almost turned upside down as he becomes drawn more deeply into the darkness found in Troy.

Aliens is written by Fintan Ryan (Never Better, In The Flesh) and produced by Clerkenwell Films (Misfits, Scrotal Recall) and filming will begin later this year.

“Scabrously funny, shockingly violent and at times positively hallucinogenic, ALIENS is a wry and riotous adventure into a world that is at once entirely familiar and absolutely strange. It’s a culture   clash, a gangster epic, but fundamentally it is an all too human search for acceptance and identity.” – Roberto Troni, commissioner at Channel 4

The second show in the announcement is Tripped, a comedy drama set in parallel universes. Yup, sounds mind-bending! Starring Blake Harrison (Neil from The Inbetweeners), Tripped will follow his character Danny, the long-term friend of stoner Milo. Danny wants to settle down and grow up, Milo doesn’t. One night Milo takes some strong hallucinogens and sees Danny in his room. The trouble is, this Danny isn’t where he should be, at his engagement party. This Danny also has a sword. He has an urgent message for Milo but Milo is too high to remember it. The series consists of Danny and Milo tripping to a variety of parallel universes where they run into different versions of themselves. They do this while being chased by an assassin too!

Tripped will be a 4 part series and was commissioned following an original pilot written by Jamie Mathieson (Doctor Who). The series is written by Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing), with Jamie Mathieson a co-creator and co-writer of episode one.

“Jack and Harry’s scripts for TRIPPED are a breathless and brilliantly funny ride – and we’re so thrilled to have Blake Harrison back on Channel 4, playing Danny and Danny and Danny.” – Beth Willis, Deputy Head of Drama at Channel 4

Tripped goes into production this week and should be on E4 later this year.

TRIPPED - Cast Blake and George

Source: E4
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