Two Characters Added to ‘Rise of Incarnates’

Bandai Namco Games’  upcoming 2-vs-2 fighting game, Rise of Incarnates, boasts fantastic locales to go with its wild variety of character. The titular Incarnates are supernatural beings who engage in heated combat. Two of the latest characters revealed for Incarnates are Erendira Quinn/Brynhildr, and Reinhold Kruger/Odin.

Erendira Quinn was a victim of abuse until she became an Incarnate. Her status as an Incarnate ostracized her, and she was passed from orphanage to orphanage, until the  US Government turned their attention to her. Erendira fights for coexistence between humans and Incarnates, even though the Incarnates are seen as a threat.

 Reinhold Kruger is the kingpin of the EU. While people believe him to be retired, he is secretly at work on a pan-European revolution to secure the human rights of Incarnates. Kreuger had the unparalleled intelligence network “Odin’s Eye,” other incarnates under his command, and his personal multi-legged assault tank, “Sleipnir.” Kruger’s goal is to overturn the European power structure.

Yet now he has sent a portion of his forces to America. Men as calculating as Kruger seldom change long-laid plans for no reason. Another voice is changing his mind, a voice feeding directly into his brain. Kruger is doing someone else’s bidding, and he is coming to America, where “the Prophet” is being held.

 All will be revealed when Rise of Incarnates is released later this year on PC (Steam).   Until then Rise of Incarnates has a free comic detailing some background on the Incarnates. Two volumes of the comic are still available here for free. There is also the new trailer, shown at the 2014 E3

Why a fighting game is only being released on PC baffles me, but I am interested in playing. The characters look particularly bizarre, and the action looks insane. Still, I feel like the footage that’s been shown doesn’t flesh out Incarnates well enough. I know that fighting games don’t rely too heavily on story, but I would like Rise of Incarnates to teach me more about this war-ravaged reality. Fingers crossed on a new fighting series being established with this title.

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: Rise of Incarnates

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