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The aftermath of the Death of Spider-man story arc, which took place in Ultimate Spider-man and throughout the rest of the Ultimate line, has caused a reboot of the character and a the series coming this ‘Fall’ and is starting again from #1. It will be written by series creator and and Ultimate founder, Brian Michael Bendis, with artwork by Sara Pichelli who filled in a couple of issues for LaFuente during the last volume, and the pencilled the above image of Spidey’s new costume. 

Bendis said this in the Ultimate Comics Press Call; ‘This needs to be a new #1 issue even by the most cynical fanboy qualifications.’ And revealed that he’d done some research on spiders to help come up with a new power set for Spider-Man. Along with new powers, there will also be some new characters featured in the comic, as well as recurring oldies that everyone will know, and are slated to become a big part of the book.

New villains and old villains will be present, with Mysterio still presenting a large threat in the series, continuing from the previous volume. In addition to that, classic Marvel Universe villains that will get the ultimate treatment in Bendis’s new series, especially ones who he couldn’t believe hadn’t been done yet. Ultimate Kraven anyone?

This is what Bendis had to say on the new line of Ultimate ongoing series:

“The new books will be more like the early days of the original Marvel Universe where little things like Thor flying by in a Spider-Man book was really cool.”

I cannot wait for this book, I’m super excited, although a little apprehensive to start with, my first reaction being ‘not another reboot’ but following the liveblog has got me amped for The Fall (thats Autumn to you me and maybe you) and release of the new Ultimate Spidey series. Now I just need to read the Death of Spider-Man trade to get up to speed.

Source: Ultimate U liveblog

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