Walking Dead Fan Fiction by Aydin Ata

So  I’m sitting at home last night sorting out pending posts I’m going to put live on the GS website and my wife hands me her phone and ‘says read this’.

To give you the same experience imagine I’ve just handed you an iPhone (for those of you already reading this on your iPhone you’ve just earned yourself two extra geek points).



He always knew one day he would die. Just like everyone else, his time was limited. Nowadays, this was truer than ever. He pressed his ear to the door: silence. The room he was in was dark and cramped. And it was cold. Earlier that day a bunch of roamers got the jump on him, about 16, pushing him back to what he thought was his final retreat. Luckily for him he managed to kill a few of the undead abominations before reaching the room. When he found himself in there he thought about giving up. So, he slept and waited for death. But death never reached him that day.


He was being stupid, so stupid. First of all he shouldn’t have fired that shot; it was a waste of ammo. He could go on about how stupid he was in that situation but he decided to leave the room. Grabbing his rucksack and hatchet he opened the door. He didn’t realize when he locked himself in that room that it was a cubicle and he had retreated to a public toilet. As he left, killing the occasional walker, he gave a slight smile. Imagine if he died in the toilets.
The woods he found himself in were thick, making the roamers that wandered around it hard to spot. He looked up to see it start snowing. “Great” he muttered to himself “As well as the dead walking the earth, I have to put up with this bloody snow”. It was getting dark and he still wasn’t near anywhere that looked remotely safe. He was able to make out something in the distance, what looked like a path. He followed it, leading him to more than a dirt track, but a motorway filled with deserted cars. He must be getting closer to the city. He took a look at which ways the cars were headed, trying to decide which way to head. After a while of thinking (and spotting a helpful sign which pointed out which way the city was, he went the other way.


Mark was smart, he knew that. He was also surprisingly tall, not the most buff person but he could take care of himself. He had stubble that was working its way to bear and medium (dark) brown hair. He was now wearing his brown winter jacket.


So back to last night. I  finish reading the story and think this is some damn fine fan fiction but not sure why she had handed it to me and I her tell as much. She then smiles at me and explains that the tale was penned by Walking Dead fan Aydin Ata.

Aydin, who is 12 (nope that age is not a typo), is already a prolific creative writer (fantasy being his main weapon of choice I’m told) and this foray into fan fiction was prompted minutes after watching the latest episode of the show. Aydin is also a massive fan of the comic series.

Now I started writing at 11 and I’m well aware of where my level was and it was no where near what Aydin is producing. I also know that I didn’t really have anyone giving me the encouragement to keep at it besides my mum and because of her belief I stuck with it. It’s very cool for me to be in position to post this up on our website and say to Aydin “This is good stuff mate, you keep at it!”.

I did get Aydin’s permission before posting his story which again shows a level of bravery I didn’t have, in putting your work out there, until I was much older. If this excerpt is anything to by then Aydan has an exciting and creative road ahead him.

Now what Aydin does not know is I had a word with an artist chum (Thanks Pete Mason) who put together a little sketch of what Mark might have looked like.

We hope you like it Aydin and good luck with your writing from everyone here at GS!

walking dead fan fiction

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  1. Go Aydin! What a great piece of writing! Keep going and you’ll be surprised at what comes flowing through you and on to the page. Well done 🙂

  2. peter mason /

    yes I cant wait to see what you do with this story so finish it so I can do a cover art for it! I hope you like the sketch!

  3. Aydin /

    Thank you for being positive about the story! When I saw the picture of Mark I was amazed. I am continuing the story and so far I’ve written up to chapter 2 and rising. Again, thanks for the encouragement.

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