Walter Koenig pulls out of London Film and Comic Con

Walter Koenig pulls out of London Film and Comic Con

Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov, his most well known role

Veteran actor and convention staple Walter Koenig has pulled out of LFCC with only two days to go before the convention

Walter Koenig is an American actor, writer and director known for his roles as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek and Alfred Bester in Babylon 5.

After attending San Diego Comic Con recently and joining the Diminuendo Cast and Crew for a panel during the convention, and with no current news regarding the actor, it was a surprise to be informed late on the 25th of July that Walter Koenig has pulled out of attending London Film and Comic Con 2017.

Koenig is no stranger to conventions; although more likely found signing autographs and having photos taken on the US circuit, he has still attended his fair share of UK and European events. It seems that, like most Sci-Fi actors, Koenig’s current full-time profession is attending conventions (much to the delight of fans) so it’s understandable that he would need to drop out of some from time to time, just as well all sometimes need to take a day off from work.

Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig now

LFCC has already had a few drop outs, but most of those were announced weeks or even months ago – such as Ron Perlman. But a brief look at their twitter feed will tell you that guests can drop out for many reasons and sometimes right up to the wire of the convention.

Showmasters are used to guest dropping out of their conventions and in the past they have been heavily criticised about how they handle telling attendees of these last minute drop outs and the way they offer substitutions for ticketed items like photos. Many want a refund rather than being offered a swap to a guest who hasn’t quite sold as many tickets.

Although it seems like they’ve improved a little, they’re still falling short of total customer satisfaction. Those who have booked photo ops and autographs with Koenig are only being offered a partial refund.

Walter Koenig

Email from Eventbrite/Showmasters was the first, and only, announcement about Walter Koenig dropping out

Ok – it’s only a little short of what the photo originally cost, but by keeping even just a couple of pounds from a fan’s refund they’re profiting on the disappointment of their attendees.

I have contacted Bastion, the PR company that Showmasters use to get an official line on Koenig’s sudden cancellation as (at time of writing) there is nothing on the LFCC site and there has been no word on the actor’s own Twitter page. Although this notice was put on on the LFCC forum, which some people might not even know about if they’re looking for updates:

Walter Kroenig

There was also a tweet on the Showmaster’s twitter account but I wasn’t able to find it myself – on the run up to the convention the account’s activity has sky rocketed, so I probably lost it in the hundreds of tweets and replies.

When I spoke with a PR representative and mentioned Koenig dropping out they were, unfortunatly, unable to provide any further details.

Myself and everyone here at Geek Syndicate wish Walter well, whatever the reason for the cancellation.

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  1. Stacy /

    They didn’t keep any money from this – the photo session price was £26. I think they put partial refund in the description if you purchased other things at the same time like entry or other photo sessions.

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