What would Batman do Without Bruce Wayne?

With all the crazy nightime hi-jinks Batman gets up I often wonder how he has the time to be Bruce Wayne. Maybe he should just let the old Brucie persona die and go full on dark knight, am I right? But

In a new fan film with an original story from the pen of C W Lynch and from help  kickstarter backers the question of what would it mean for our caped bruiser if his alter ego got whacked is answered. In Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne the world believes Bruce Wayne to be dead, courtesy of Felix Faust and The Joker.

Luckily for the bat the terrible twosome have not counted on Alfred having a little team up of his own with Nightwing and Zatanna to undo Faust’s magical handiwork and stick Bruce Wayne back into Batman and restore his humanity. There’s just one little problem…how do you reverse a magical spell in a world where magic is no longer knocking about?

I have to say that this is a very interesting premise and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished film.


At the moment there’s a kickstarter in place to raise money for locations, props and costumes, with the cast and crew are all working on the project for free.

The good news is that the project has hit it’s Kickstarter goal but with any of these fan projects more cash means, better locations, props etc. In fact there is a stretch goal in place for £2000 which, if they can hit it, will mean better on set lighting on set and out on location. Yes I know Batman does his best work in the dark but the people who film him don’t.

For this £2000 stretch goal the team have promised that those who have pledged over £50 will get a digital download of the film’s musical score.

Head over to the Batman: The Exorcism of Bruce Wayne Kickstarter page to find out more.

Also the bloke they got playing Alfred looks mean as all hell or to put it like an extra in a Guy Ritchie film ‘He looks proper naughty’…I mean would you mess with this guy?

Crumpets and a kicking sir?

Something tells me the Joker and Faust are in for a right kicking.

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