Whitechapel is coming!

I just got put onto this upcoming 3 part series by the ITV press office. I have to admit it has flown completely under my radar but considering it’s about a copycat Jack The Ripper style serial killer and it stars  Rupert Penry Jones (Adam from Spooks) and Phil Davis (Lucius in Doctor Who ‘Fire’s of Pompeii’) I think it’s definately worth keeping an eye out for.

Here’s the press release

“I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled…”

Rupert Penry Jones, Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton lead the cast in a darkly atmospheric new ITV thriller, WHITECHAPEL.

Set in 2008 against the contrasting facades of Whitechapel, London; a series of bloody, tragic and impossible crimes suggest someone is carrying out copycat Jack the Ripper murders.

In a city under the constant surveillance of CCTV and safe in the knowledge that DNA evidence helps catch even the most dangerous criminal, this modern day Ripper still manages to recreate the slaughter with alarming accuracy while mirroring the red herrings and twisted idiosyncrasies connected to the original case.

The murders are investigated by three unlikely heroes:  Chandler (Penry Jones), a fast-tracked, media savvy DI on his first big murder case; Miles (Davis), nearing retirement, a front-line, hard-bitten DS, now saddled with a boss who would rather talk about Emotional Intelligence than gut feeling; and Buchan (Pemberton), the expert on myths and legends behind unexplained or violent deaths and eccentrically brilliant Ripperologist.

A modern police force is fighting an old adversary; an adversary who was never caught. Our heroes have a race against time to prevent further bloodshed.

ITV Director of Drama, Laura Mackie says: “Whitechapel is a very modern take on the detective genre which combines the Victorian intrigue of the original case with the atmospheric backdrop of a contemporary East End of London.  This is not simply about bloodthirstily recreating the Ripper murders, but rather focusing on the three main characters at the heart of the story and the black humour that binds the team together.”

This three part drama is produced by Marcus Wilson (True Dare Kiss, Life on Mars) for Carnival Films.  It is written by Ben Court and Caroline Ip (Marian Again).  WHITECHAPEL is directed by SJ Clarkson (Mistresses, Life on Mars) Sally Woodward Gentle (Ruby in the Smoke, Waking the Dead) is executive producer.

The filming of Whitechapel coincides with the 120th anniversary of the Jack the Ripper murders in London’s East End.

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  1. Bert /

    My other half went to the press screening of Whitechapel yesterday.

    As a scriptwriter, she has a keen eye for the good, bad and ugly. Apparently this is in the very very good category.

  2. geeksyndicate /

    Small world. Geek Syndicate,in this case Dave, was at the same screening and he too was impressed with what he saw.

  3. Mr. P. /

    Does anyone know when and where the film will be screened, please?

  4. geeksyndicate /

    No firm transmission date yet but I’ll let you know as soon as we know

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