Xbox 360 S makes bigger launch than PS3 Slim

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 ‘S’ has had a big UK launch over the weekend – out-performing the release of Sony’s PS3 Slim in 2009. The 250GB console is smaller than the Xbox 360 Elite, and comes with WiFi. It also contains one fan instead of the previous model’s two – something Microsoft guarantees will help kill off the Red Ring Of Death.

According to official UK industry data monitor GfK-ChartTrack, the XBox 360 S achieved the biggest ever launch in the UK for a “revised” home console – surpassing the launch sales of both PS2 Slim and PS3 Slim.

Over its first two days, the console sold around the same as the original Xbox 360’s launch sales total back 2005.



Microsoft has revealed the UK pricing of Kinect & a brand new Xbox 360 4GB. The Kinect system will cost £129.99 & the Xbox 360S 4GB £149.99.

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  1. Of course it’s outselling the PS3 Slim.

    When the PS3 Slim was released no one I know went out and bought a new one, they we’re perfectly happy with their old consoles (myself included).

    With the XBox 360, everyone seems to want to get rid of their old machine and get a new quieter one. Plus you have the new customers.

    No shocker.

    • matt pease /

      i have a xbox360 (classic) i’ve had it since launch day! and i have never had a problem with it and it has had hour and hours of hard abuse. although i will be buying one of these as it matches my TV.

      the noise of the old one has never bothered me as i normally have the sound turned up when i am playing games so i have never heard it over the game.

  2. The new 360 is a sexy beast. Quieter, sleeker, smaller for lugging up to my room or down to the lounge. The best bit by far is that when you *brush* against the eject button, the tray slides out with a ‘ping’!
    That doesn’t sound like much, but you should hear that ping.

  3. xbox beats all

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