#Youarestillageekwhen You Take Over Twitter With a Cool Hashtag

Here at the Geek Syndicate Volcano HQ we enjoy using social network sites to spread our Evil plans geekdom to the masses. last week Barry aka the Nuge came up with the excellent hashtag, #youarestillageekwhen, and the twitter-verse jumped on it and spread the geekness across the interweb. It was fun and we had some giggles, but today it went to the next level.

After Jonathan Ross (TV God and comic writer),  Jane Goldman (Ross’ wife and writer of movies) and Mark Millar (From Comics) started tweeting using the hashtag their millions of followers also joined in! For most of the day #youarestillageekwhen became a top trending top (and Barry got to feel like superman for a few hours)

We are going to make this celebration of geekdom a regular thing! Every Friday will be #youarestillageekwhen day! If you need inspiration just look at the left of this page and you will see under features is a link directly to the hashtag, go there and check out some of the most awesome tweets you will ever see! Also follow @geeksyndicate on twitter and whilst your at it give me a follow too

GS Reporter: Matt

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