Dissecting Worlds Series 3 Episode 4: Rogue Trooper & Armies

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This time the Dissecting Worlds General staff take a close look at 2000ADs premier war story Rogue Trooper and through it armies in science fiction.

On the way they look at (deep breath)
• Jannissaires & The Drakan books (& apologies to SM Stirling I don’t mean his views are the same as his characters.)
• Time dilation, post traumatic stress & morally difficult Hawkwind songs.
• Charley’s War & Poppies, Millicom and champgane sipping chateau Generals
• Robots & the ABC Warriors (including Savage/Invasion)
• Why fight on a planet’s surface when you can blast it from orbit just to be sure?
• ‘Good’ Germans, Klingons and Romulons
• Rogue trooper’s tone and British War Comic tradition
• Retirement plans from Elephantmen to Blade Runner

With more call backs than a Richard herring Gig I hope folks enjoy it,

Regard Plugs Mosasic novel project Kehaar mentions there are more details here:

And a first chapter here:

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  1. galactic monkey /

    Interesting views, however you forgot to link in the American civil war.
    The battle of Mek bull run is mentioned in one story clearly a reference to the battle of bull run,also the battle of Dixie.1 seems to be very much a reference to the southern states fighting the north in the 1800’s.
    Other references include a place called harper ferry and a computer suggesting go west young man.
    All the best.

  2. Ah bugger ! You’re quite right – there’s quite abit of heavy naming throughout the series but yeah the ACW is very heavily referenced and considering what a HUGE ACW nit Matt is I don’t know why he didn’t cotton on (or myself for that matter) well drawn to our attention.

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