Dissecting Worlds Series 4- Episode 4 Vampires, blood & boffing

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This time it’s an all Northern trio as the pest from the west Kehaar is joined by old sparing partner Grampus and Empress of the Earphones Stacey Whittle.
Fangs for downloading because we’re getting into the sweaty and saline world of the social science in Vampire Fiction.
On the way there:
  • Boffin’ with Buffy
  • Homo-Erotica with Anne Rice and the Lost Boys
  • Feral antics in True Blood and others
  • Frustration with Laura K Hamilton
  • Deviance with Dresden
  • Debonair Dracula and dirty fingernailed peasant vampires.
  • Off kilter takes like ‘I am Legend’ and ‘Let the right one in.’

And many more sundry genre Vampires are looked at in a frank and jovial look at the subject.

Stacey Whittle ‘s podcast small press, big mouth is available on the Geeksyndicate network, the megacast avilable on the Everythign Comes back to 2000ad itunes feed and the supporting blogs are http://smallpressbigmouth.blogspot.com/ and http://2000ad.wordpress.com/

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