Dissecting Worlds Series 8, Episode 1: The Devil

dissectingworldslogoThe month the Sinister Cabal of Kehaar and Matt awaken the slumbering giant that is our series on Religion.

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Series 8, Episode 1: The Devil

This time we look at Satanism, in both it’s real and fictious forms, covering:

– Dennis Wheatley, Communist Satanism, and what a tease he is.
– Worshing the Devil as Evil or Freedom?
– Real world satanic cults from Anton le Vay to Norwegian Death Metal
– The Exorcist and the continuing popularity of “the cult” in fiction.
Apocomon has to be seen to be believed!
– Is this a book cover you would take on the bus? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Best-Dennis-Wheatley/dp/185375790X/ref=la_B001HCYTPW_1_2?
Bedazzled is well worth a watch (not the remake!)

Stay tuned at the end for the first recommendations of the Dissecting Worlds Bookshelf.

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