Dissecting Worlds: Series 8, Episode 2: Small Gods

dissectingworldslogoThe Northern Twosome this month engage with Terry Pratchett’s mediation on faith and belief ‘Small Gods’.




Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds: Series 8, Episode 2: Small Gods

On the way they:

* Give a pocket history of the reformation
* Consider the nature of philosophy
* Discuss the institutional benefits to a society of organised religion
* Decry the judgement nature and dangers of social media as discussed by Mr Gentleman B Rhymer here:
* Look at Ominia as a swipe at the Abrahamic religion
* Praise Mike Duncan’s revolutions and the insight it gives into religion and the English Civil War
*Mention Bernard Righton and the prevalence of Christianity in Britain
*The Dissecting Worlds Bookshelf covers Cricket and Movies!

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