Dissecting Worlds Series 9 – Episode 6: Special Circumstances

Welcome to Dissecting World’s Lecture on the Communism – or is it an Anarchy? –  of Iain M Banks titanic sweeping space opera culture; The Culture, with focus on their spies ‘Special Circumstances’.

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Series 9 – Episode 6: Special Circumstances

The Northern duo of Kehaar & Matt are joined by an incredibly knowledgeable David Haddock of the Banksoniain (http://efanzines.com/Banksoniain/index.htm) fanzine and discuss:

* the blurred lines between Contact & Special Circumstances

* the post-scarcity nature of The Culture & how Star Trek avoids the questions

* Playing the long game and underestimating The Culture at your peril

* All that tech! Shiny!

* Plus Wiki-edit wars!

Please check out the Banksonian for more insights

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Finally, Adrian Tchaikovsky, who has been a guest this season, is up for a Gemmell Award: If you’ve read any of his Shadows of the Apt series and want to show your appreciation, you can vote here; http://www.gemmellawards.com/award-voting/. Or vote for anyone else, for that matter.

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