Dissecting Worlds – Series 2 Episode 4 Capes & Tights Part A

This episode they look at Superheroes questions of the appeal of the Superheroes, supers as commerical product, the deconstruction of the genre, is Superman Jewish, how to annoy Alan Moore more, great villans, why is Spiderman hated all out of a riff on the basic theme of sueprheroes being divided into dark avengers of the night or cosmic [email protected]&cks wondermen.

Next episodoe they start to look at Superhumans and the law and delve into the differences between Marvel and DCs take on superhumans in the socieities of their respective universes.

http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/article418437.ece has more on the Radio 4 documentry refered to in the epsiode.

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Don’t forget logo competition end date 20 August 2010 DVDs of series 1 of the Wire and Homicide for the winner.

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