Dissecting Worlds Series 8 Running Order Revealed!

dissectingworldslogoHi all, Matt here.  Hope you all enjoyed the Zombies episode for Halloween and we’ve been working on finalising the subjects and running order for Series 8: Religion.

And here it is:
8.1 Dissecting Worlds vs Satan! The Devil has all the Best Tunes
8.2 Small Gods – Terry Pratchett, Religion and Faith
8.3 Men like Gods – RPG & religion
8.4 God Emperors – Dune, WH40k
8.5 The Uncaring Cosmos – SF religion and entities posing as Gods
8.6 Journeys outside the West – Monkey, The Last Airbender, and others.
8.7a From the Scalpel’s Edge – Listener contributions/emails
8.7b Conclusions including Prime Cuts (listener plugs)
We’ll also be bringing in a new feature called the “Dissecting Worlds Bookshelf” at the end of each episode where one of us will recommend an accessible, non-geek text that we hope will be of interest to our listeners.
As ever, we welcome comments and feedback here, on twitter @dissectingwrlds or to our facebook page, www.facebook.com/dissectingworlds

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  1. Mark /

    ohh good list
    8.4 could get a little crazy deepstike radio has done 2 hours per god of the 40K setting (there are a few)

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