Two Geeks with No Name Podcast: Series 1 Empires: Episode 2 Dune

Two Geeks with no name this time tackle the Empire in Frank Herbert’s Dune bouncing like arguementative pinballs off the Holy Roman Empire, early Islamic History, the Jesuits, TE Lawrence and of course John Wayne.

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Next we’ll be looking at Star Wars and the Galactic Empire & the Old Republic.

Direct Download: Episode 2

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  1. Anton /

    Enjoying this a lot as I write this but WAIT, did I hear you mention HEART PLUGS while discussing the Dune BOOKS? 😮

    • This is why we ask for feedback – we frequently get it wrooooong. I take it it’s just a film reference? (Whoops) Our apologies

      • Anton /

        It did hurt my brain a little wee tiny bit, but all the rest of the podcast made up for it. 🙂 Cheers.

  2. We just did a podcast on Dune as well –

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