Geek Syndicate – Episode 155 with Jonathan Ross Special

Jonathan Ross, Barry Nugent and Tommy Lee Edwards at Turf Signing


A great artist passes away, Eagle Awards nomination news and Arabian Knights

Week That Was

Incorruptible, Fringe, Twilight Eclipse Trailer, Prince of Persia Spolier Free Review


In our extended main we welcome chat show host, radio presenter and now comic writer, Jonathan Ross back to the podcast for an exclusive interview. We talk about the success of Turf, working with Tommy Lee Edwards, the future of the comic and perhaps a possible film adaptation.

Jonathan also chats about some of his future comic projects, including a passing mention of a very interesting project for Joe Quesada and ‘Clint’ the new Comic magazine being created by Mark Millar. There’s also a brief audio tour of his comics room.

With the news that Jonathan’s wife Jane Goldman will be handling the scriptwriting duties for First Class he gives us his reaction to the news as a die hard Marvel fan. He also give us a little hint of what we can expect.

We finish off the interview with some chat about his plans for his revamped Hot Sauce website and the return of his book review blog.


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