Geek Syndicate – Episode 223

Join Dave aka Monts and Barry aka Nuge as they once again set out to bring the sass back to geekdom in the latest episode Geek Syndicate.

Direct Download: Geek Syndicate: Episode 223


Zounds! Dr Who scripts Leaked!

Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour 24 live podcast  fo charity

Arrow aka ‘The Green Knight’ (come one we all know that’s what they’re doing) season 3 casting.

 DC royalty payments to creators get a makeover.

Week that was

The leaked Flash and Constantine pilots (hmm yes ‘leaked’ not released for advanced marketng reasons).

Wicked and the Devine (Image Comics)

Starlight (Image Comics)

Dangeritis: A Fistful of Danger

Clone Wars

My So-Called Secret Identity


The guys go on location to the British Libaray to check out the Comics Unmasked exhibtion (apologies for the sound quality).

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