GS Network Presents: Dissecting Worlds Series 3 Episode – 2 Tremeraire, His Majesty’s Dragon & Air Forces

This time Master Kehaar and First Mate Grampus set sail for the Napoleonic Wars: the Napoleonic War with Dragons.

In the process they admire the writing, society and military technology of the Tremeraire books. While at it they keel hawl the reputation of Napoleon, amputate Marshall Bulcher and pull out the guns on the nature of the HMS Allegiance.

Hammers Slammers make a surprise appearance and Kehaar gets all gushy eyed on the heroism of the period, Sharpe and Hornblower mainly stay in reserve but their presence is felt. They also admire the other developments of the time (though manage not to mention the Romantic movement – silly boys.) Jane Austin, Tom Mix and Tom Crabbe even get a mention.

So take a tot of rum, sound general quarters, scramble, stand to your guns, mount up or form square depending on your service me lads & lasses –

Do you want to see Napoleon in Windsor Castle? NO!

Do you want to see a Guillotine in Piccadilly? NO!

Do you want to see your children grow up speaking French* NO!

Then listen to this exciting epsiode of Dissecting Worlds

(* apologies to French, Swiss, Belgian, Quecois and other Franophone listeners.)’
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  1. Don’t forget you can contact us at [email protected] – or twitter us individually at @Clarkythecruel (for Kehaar) & @theGrampus (for Matt) (Oh and I’m in error above it’s Tom Cribb not Crabbe.)

  2. You can have podcast specific tweets @Dissectingwrlds

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