GSN: PODCAST – Adrian Hodges Returns to Talk The Musketeers Series 2

Direct Download: Adrian Hodges Returns to Talk The Musketeers Series 2

The Musketeers Showrunner Adrian Hodges returns to Geek Syndicate to talk about this thoughts on the second series.


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  1. I’ve been a tad busy so I am a little late hearing the actual interview. You know that I always find your chats with Adrian are the best to listen to, so many thanks for putting this together. As ever it was a very informative and interesting one.

    I’m obviously very sorry to see Adrian step down as showrunner. It feels very much as though it is his creation, and fans everywhere are going to miss him incredibly. However, I am glad that he revealed the news through yourselves as it has given him a chance to put things over in his own voice and address the fans who love his show a great deal.

    • Hey Sandi, sorry it taken me so long to reply to your comment (bad barry bad!!!). Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and so glad you enjoyed the interview!.

      Yeah I have to admit it completely caught me by surprise during the interview as it was the last thing I was expecting but like you I’m glad he got the chance to express his reasons in his own words.

      • No worries at all, I know you’re a busy guy, thanks for your reply. Yes I imagine it was a big surprise, but he obviously trusted you to be the one to get the news out to us fans, which speaks volumes. I’ve heard about his new project with ITV, and have hopes that we may hear an interview between you two on that in the future perhaps?

        Of course, I am also looking forward to your chat with Jess later on in the year about The Musketeers too.

      • Hey Sandi, yeah it was certainly an honour to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak! Yep we did talk a little bit about his ITV project but that was off air so couldn’t include it. I think he’s got an interesting take on the idea and I do plan to have him back on to talk about the project when he can.

        Yep looking forward to chatting all things musketeers with Jess November time once filming has wrapped.

  2. Eloise /

    Ah it’s so sad that Adrian is leaving us! It’s going to feel so weird having a different showrunner

    • Apologies for the delay in replying Eloise. Yes it is a shame Adrian is leaving the show as I loved chatting to him about it and its clear how much he has enjoyed working on each series. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the show has been left in good hands…I’m sure it has been (ever the optimist that’s me)

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