GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Special – Westerns!

Yeee-haaaa! – Saddle Up partners & join Patrick from the Almost Educate podcast (the good) Matt (the bad) and Kehaar (the ugly) for rough riding through the badlands where the Western and Geek genres meet.

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GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Special – Westerns!

During the episode we look at :

* our favourite westerns

* Aliens as a western?

* the browncoated  elephant in the room

* Modern Day Detroit and post-apocalyptic westerns

* The many western homages of 2000ad

* Star Wars and Star Trek

* Battle Beyond the Stars and much much more

Patrick can be found on the Almost Educational Podcast.

Kehaar is running a 1920s heist gave at grogmeet get tickets here if any are left

There is still time to send us suggestions for Series 11! Check out our post here:

Symposium  dates coming soon….

Feedback as ever is welcome to @DissectingWrlds on twitter, [email protected] on email, the Facebook Group or below !

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