GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate Episode 266

Monts and the Nuge return to the geek culture airwaves with more sass than a speeding bullet (yes I know speeding bullets don’t have sass but well I thought it sounded cool).
Anyway roll out the official blurb…
Marvel’s Kevin Feige commits to a Black Widow Film…kinda.
The lads try to find out what the ‘The Death of X’ means.
Zorro gets another reboot but this time he goes to the future. Hopefully still with the cool hat and cape ensemble.
Week that was
  • The Night Manager
  • Izombie
  • Lucifer
  • Captain America: Civil War (don’t worry no spoilers!)
  • Deadpool
  • Dave finally jumps on board the Archer train
  • A little chat on the current series of Arrow/Flash and Supergirl

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