GSN PODCAST: Grouchy Old Geeks – Episode 11

Welcome to Grouchy Old Geeks, a monthly podcast that discusses everything and anything in geek news, from the Statler and Waldorf of British podcasts hosts. Previously GoG was called Comic Book Outsiders, and we’ve been podcasting for 9 years. We decided a rebrand and refresh was in order to reflect how the show has changed over the years.

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This month we discuss some of the latest news and reviews, and then for our main feature we discuss Board Games. Apologies for some of the sound problems and repetition during Scott’s part of the conversation. This is because he has just moved house, as he explains in the episode, and his internet connection is not brilliant. Hopefully the problem will be resolved for the next episode in April, so please bear with us. The episode is still clear and you can understand what is being said.

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