GSN PODCAST: Grouchy Old Geeks Episode 3

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Welcome to Grouchy Old Geeks, a monthly podcast that discusses everything and anything in geek news, from the Statler and Waldorf of British podcasts hosts. Previously GoG was called Comic Book Outsiders, and we’ve been podcasting for 9 years. We decided a rebrand and refresh was in order to reflect how the show has changed over the years.

This episode Steve and Scott start off with some TV news, talking about yet more remakes, before we get onto to some amazing new shows that are coming in July. We also discuss some exciting developments in gaming tech. For our main feature we talk about our origin stories, something we’ve never done before. Scott and Steve both talk about how they got into comics, where it all started, how it developed over the years and what they read these days. If you would like to get in touch with the show you can email us at [email protected], you can find our Facebook page or you can follow us on Twitter @SteveAryan and @ScottGrandison


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