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scrolls logoIf you have an abiding love for Fantasy, SF and Horror, you could do far worse than get yourself to one of the book conventions that crop up around the country on a regular basis.  In 2013 the World Fantasy Con returned to our fair shores after a long absence, bringing with it a raft of international authors, book launches, intimate Q&As, large-scale panels and literary awards.  Folk from all areas of the publishing industry were brought together with fans to celebrate and promote the ongoing explosion of imaginative fiction into mainstream life.

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The Scrolls team was sadly unable to attend this event en mass but we wererepresented by Phil Ambler, who’s here to tell Dion all about it.  Joining us are a group of authors and bloggers to share their experiences, have a laugh and digress into some disturbing areas.  They are:

Karen Davies, a.k.a KTScribbles author of The Red Knight, reviewer at SF Crowsnest and blogger.

Paul Holmes a.k.a PabloCheesecakeblogger and reviewer at The Eloquent Page

Stephen Aryan, a.k.a SteveAryan very-nearly-published author, podcasterbloggerand probably a bloomin’ rocket scientist too.

In the episode we chew over first impressions; talk personal highlights, general vibes and unfortunate issues; then give out some prime tips for people who are new to the convention scene.  Along the way we hear of the perils of looking out of a bedroom window, discover an academic use for genitalia, get utterly lost in a toilet, and (finally!) learn where they keep all the free booze.

Want to track down that elusive best seller from Fox Spirit?  Head over to their home-page.

Wish you could watch John Llewellyn Probert’s ghost stories, as recorded at the con?  Here you go!

Last but not least, if the episode has whetted your appetite for future cons, here are the links to Bristol ConNine Worlds and the Fantasy Con in York.

We hope to see some of you there in 2014!

Until then, keep reading.

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