Important News for Listeners of the Everything Comes Back to 2000Ad Podcast

I’ll let Rich McAuliffe, one of the hosts of Everything Comes Back to 2000Ad podcast, explain what’s happening.

For the last year or so, the guys over on the Geek Syndicate have been good enough to host our offensive little podcast on their feed and make it available through iTunes.

However episode 39, which I’ll hopefully be posting today or tomorrow, will be the last one available through them. After that you have to come find us yourselves as we’re going solo.

I will still be posting direct download links both on here and over on the 2000AD forums, but if you want to subscribe you need to either do a search for us in iTunes, or add the URL in manually from our libsyn page

The reason for this change is that we wanted to add in another monthly episode looking at the Megazine and also have the opportunity to put out interviews and one offs as and when we get the urge. Doing this before now would have eaten into too much of the GS bandwidth allowance.

Thanks again to Barry of the Geek Syndicate for his work till now and for kickstarting us in the first place.

If anyone does have trouble setting up any of the above, post a reply to this posting and I’ll look into it.

Posted by Richard McAuliffe

We wish the lads all the best with the new feed and new episodes. If you’ve not had the chance check out the new ECBT2000ad blog.


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