Scrolls Chapter Four – Kick-arse Babes

This episode the team takes a look at the various ways women have been represented in fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

Touching on themes of independence, the power of sexuality, roles in fictional societies and how we identify with the characters, we skate a meandering path across the surface of this vast topic.

Books mentioned include… She, Monstrous Regement, Lord Of The Rings, The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, Audition, Dead Until Dark, Carmilla, Revelation Space, Heaven’s Net Is Wide.

Amongst the chin-stroking and cod intellectual comments we learn a valuable lesson concerning the consumption of beer and ice-cream, fail utterly to mention Ursula LeGuin (doh!) or Angela Carter (double-doh!), and continue our tradition of mis-remembering key plot points.

Dion is calling from the moon, so please excuse his sound quality.

By the way, does anyone know where Mattie is?
He’s got big soft eyes, fluffy ears and a bald fat head. There’s £5 reward if returned unmolested.

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