Scrolls Episode 2

Ok folks, here’s Scrolls Episode 2 for your listening pleasure.

It comes with our sincere apologies – not for the content, you understand (we like that) but for the huge delay in getting it out to you.  Gremlins.  Let’s just leave it at that.

In an effort to cater to our lunch-time listeners we are trialling a new bite-sized Chapter format.  Let us know what you think on the forums.

Episode 2: ‘Believe The Hype’

Prologue – in which a new cast member is added, Nigella Lawson is deemed problematical and things are said that may upset one’s mother.

Chapter 1 – in which, despite proverbial advice, books are indeed judged by their covers and someone is revealed to have eaten cat food.

Chapter 2 – in which the nature of the Anti-hero is explained and explored to some depth, with reference to a multitude of books.

Chapter 3 – in which our cast, thoroughly exhausted, whiffle on endlessly about a variety of monsters in adapted genre fiction.

Epilogue – in which all is brought to a satisfactory end, and some heavy-handed hints are dropped regarding the Scrolls Book Group.

Direct Download: Chapter 1/Prologue

Direct Download: Chapter 2

Direct Download: Chapter 3/Epilogue

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