Blink of an Eye:Sci-fi London Short Film Review

Blink of an Eye: Shorts Programme

This is what the festival organisers had to say about their choice of short films this year:

We love short films and think they are a wonderful format for science fiction themes.

Each year we receive hundreds of excellent films and it is a difficult task to decide what to select for our shorts programme. A little like DJing, we want to get the mix right and take you on a fantastic journey – we feel we have it right this year with a remarkable range of styles and ideas from around the world.

Below are all the short films I saw over the weekend with a brief description and a one line review from me complete with a verdict of Brilliant, Good, Ok or Poor. If any catch your fancy I really would make the effort to find them online. They’re worth the time and I understand the sci-fi London website will be featuring them all at some point –

Mister Green

(2009, Dir: Greg Pak, USA, 15mins)
Catastrophic global warming has become reality; jaded government employee Mason becomes embroiled in a radical plan to save the planet by radically transforming the human race.

Very interesting idea of one way on how to save to deal with our ecological crisis. –Good


(2009, Dir: Paul Doucet, France, 10mins)
In her bunker, Marie survived the nuclear war. Years later she decides she can’t go on.

I’m sure this was an intense psychological short but unfortunately as it was in French with no subtitles, I haven’t got a clue – Poor


(2009, Dir: Jens Raunkjær Christensen, Jonas Drotner Mouritsen, Denmark, 8mins)
In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, can all those who’ve made it survive?

Very simple but effective post apocalyptic scenario in which people cannot take of their environment suits – Good


(2010, Dir: Nic Benns, UK, 14mins)
Morton Strobel converts sound into protective structures. The Authority uses the invention to save a town from terrorism.

Visually stunning however the sound balance was terrible and it was so conceptual I have no idea what was going on. Interesting idea but not very accessible – Poor

I spit on Eli Roth

2008, Dir: Devi Snively, USA, 6mins)
To save the horror genre, three female filmmakers torture and kill Eli Roth. A cautionary tale.

A reaction from Horror fans to films like Hostel…. The audience loved it but it’s didn’t do anything for me. A worthy message but – Poor

La carte

(2009, Dir: Stefan Le Lay, Belgium, 10mins)
A man from a colour postcard falls for a woman from a black and white one.

Brilliantly filmed, wonderful execution , funny and charming – see this – Brilliant

Lay Me Down

(2008, Dir: Shinako Sudo, Japan/USA, 14mins)
A boy needing a heart transplant discovers his father’s unsettling secret.

Can’t say anything without spoiling the story which does become obvious fairly quickly but a lovely film with a good ending. – Good


(2009, Dir: Andres Salaff, USA, 6mins)
To find his lost love, a scientist travels through numerous realms and dimensions.

A sweet animated short – OK

Mutually Assured desire

(2009, Dir: Andrew Hellesen, USA, 6mins)
In a nuclear apocalypse, the last man and woman on earth must fulfil their biological duty.

Very funny but didn’t really need to be a film – OK


(2009, Dir: Andy Poyiadgi, UK, 15mins)
An unorthodox selfimprovement programme leads to Fredric watching an impostor take over.

One of my favourites with a very interesting screen effect. – Brilliant

When will it be silent

(2009, Dir: Dan Sachar, Israel, 7mins)
In a post-apocalyptic future, a man battles to dig a grave on a love story’s last day.

Nothing to add to the description- OK


(2009, Dir: Louis Paxton, UK, 9mins)
A contagion has spread through Glasgow transforming people into crazed maniacs, driven to dance.

28 days later in Glasgow with dance instead of rage.  Very funny – Brilliant


(2010, Dir: Chris Bouchard, UK, 2mins)
A two minute visual feast from the makers of THE HUNT FO R GOLLUM.

More a snippet than a short but very nice, a lot of concept in 2 minutes and visually effective – Brilliant

Erase Love

(2010, Dir: Javier Ideami, Indonesia, 12mins)
Facing the prospect of banishment, two sisters battle to outsmart the other.

Considering its just 2 girls sitting at a table, this was an incredibly tense and evocative and even disturbing movie. Good stuff. My first Indnesion sci-fi – Brilliant


(2009, Dir: Diego Sanchidrian, Spain, 8mins)
Javier’s new GPS system guides him through life’s busy streets and to his final destination.

Hilarious study of our reliance on gadgets and what happens when your GPS knows everything – Very Good


(2009, Dir: Juande Marfil, Czech Republic, 6mins)
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Achingly sweet animation – Good


(2009, Dir: Vincent Caldoni, USA, 6mins)
Katrine is injured and lost in the woods. Help arrives from a man who seems to know more than he admits

Haunting movie that stays with you long afterwards – Brilliant

Reign of Death

(2009, Dir: Matthew Savage, UK, 6mins)
Set in a 1940s film noir future, a private eye pursues a robotic murder suspect to the murder location itself.

Loved this atmospheric steampunk pulp, Starring Noel Clarke. Great  twist – Very Good

The End of Evolution

(2009, Dir: Adam Besheer, UK, 7mins)
After a failed suicide attempt, a man discovers that he is the subject of a cryptic experiment.

Very clever take on an old sci-fi meme – Brilliant



(2009, Dir: Simon Temple, Australia, 15mins)
Former hero of the Third Reich, Ubermensch is confronted by a leading Nazi hunter.

The story of a strange visitor from another planet that happened to grow up in Nazi germany – OK

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