BOOK REVIEW: Changes (The Collegium Chronicles: Book 3)

Changes is the third book in The Collegium Chronicles series by Mercedes Lackey. Read my review below to see what’s in store for Mags and his friends in this instalment.

AUTHOR: Mercedes Lackey
PUBLISHER: Titan Books
367 pages

A Kingdom under threat..

After an assassination attempt is made against the King within palace walls, Herald Trainee Mags is selected by the King’s own herald, Nikolas, to assist him with a special assignment: seek out the infiltrators and find out where they came from—and who they work for.

Deep in disguise behind the counter of a pawnshop, Nikolas and Mags observe the crooked clients and seedy neighbourhood. hiding in the shadows and scrambling over rooftops, Mags chases down leads, searching for anyone who abetted the would-be assassins.

But his new role turns out to be far more dangerous than Mags had ever considered, for the enemy agents are willing to do anything to undermine the kingdom, and bring Valdemar to ruin.

Collegium Chronicles - Changes

Changes is the third book in The Collegium Chronicles saga. After the events of the last book Intrigues, Valdemar is still on edge after an attempt to assassinate the king. Mags has received training from the King’s Own Herald Nikolas, and after proving himself capable more than once Mags is chosen by Nikolas to join him working undercover in order to find out the identities of the would-be assassins. Mags must juggle school and his love life all whilst trying to keep out of danger – a problem when he ends up chasing leads across rooftops. But Mags will soon learn that chasing shady characters will be the least of his problems as the enemy sets its sights on something nearer to home.

I have previously compared the previous two books (Foundation and Intrigues) to the Harry Potter series as there are a lot of similarities, however Changes feels like Mags is finally stepping out on his own. The plot feels a lot more grown up than the past two, and I found myself speeding through this book wanting to get to the end of it as it was that absorbing.

You feel that the plot has been carefully plotted by the author, I have to say that I’m glad I had the next book (Redoubt) as Changes ends on a cliff-hanger and I would have been howling in frustration. The main characters are growing with each novel and becoming more rounded and grown up – however not the annoying teenagers that are the blight of many other novels.

I devoured this book and look forward to reading the next one in order to get resolution to the events that occurred at the end of Changes. And what I felt was a turning point in the series that has converted me, and now I just want to hoover up the rest of the series.

A brilliant and absorbing book that will keep you enthralled right until its climatic end.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: darkphoenix1701

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