BOOK REVIEW: The Geek Guide to Life


Title: The Geek Guide to Life

Author: Colin Stuart and Mun Keat Looi

Publisher: Andre Deutsch

Published: 6th October 2016

RRP: £16.99

When should you buy an airline ticket to get the best price? Should you change lanes in a traffic jam? Where should you sit in the movies to get the best view? How do you increase your chances of success in an interview? What’s the best way to get ketchup out of a bottle? The answers to all these essential questions and many more can be found in the Geek Guide to Life, a manual on how to win in life by harnessing the power of science.

Written by scientist Colin Stuart and journalist Mun Keat Looi, there are eight sections on subjects such as health, work, love, money and technology.

I loved the art work on this book. Using fonts and images in the style of the old PC games, slightly fuzzy and geometrical alongside up to date Minecraft, it was a delight to view as well as read. The old school style really spoke to me and was very welcoming in that way that anything Geeky can make you feel a part of something special.

Some of the subject matter at the outset could have been seen as mundane like ‘Will I catch a cold from having wet hair?’, ‘Should you feed a cold and starve a fever?’ However even in those sections there were some lovely little nuggety facts that I really enjoyed. That feeling of finding out a fact that might be a bit rare and to be saved for sharing later on.

There are some great ‘Guide to Life’ sections as promised such as ‘When to text next’, ‘How to be more persuasive’, ‘How to be good at public speaking’. However they are not just step by step guides, they are informative and give a lot of in depth analysis about the effectiveness of certain tactics or approaches in a very thorough way.

This book promises and delivers. Not only is it useful in its most literal sense of the word but it is also by turns fascinating and funny. This book has obviously taken time and research and been very well considered before its creation and that care really shows.


Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: The Aviator

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