BOOK REVIEW: The Dresden Files: Skin Game

In the latest instalment in the popular Dresden Files series comes Skin Game. Not read the previous fourteen? Then I suggest you hurry and catch up to find out what you have been missing out on.

Skin Game is the 15th book in Jim Butcher’s ‘The Dresden Files’ series. Set a year after the previous book ‘Cold Days’. Harry Dresden,  Chicago’s only professional wizard, is holed up on his island Demonreach in order to prevent the parasite in his head from killing him. He thinks things can not get any worse until his boss the Winter Faerie Queen Mab shows up and tells him he has to pay off one of her debts by helping with a robbery. Sounds simple enough but things are never straight forward where Mab is concerned. The person he has to help is his arch nemesis Nicodemus Archleone, and in case that was not bad enough Nicodemus wants him to steal a very special item from the vault of Hades himself. Harry will have to carry out the job or deal with the wrath of Mab whilst keeping en eye on Nicodemus who he knows will try to kill him as soon as he can. Some days it really doesn’t pay to get out of bed!

I have been waiting since Christmas 2012 to read the latest Dresden Files (please write quicker Mr Butcher!) and I was most certainly not disappointed, this is easily going to turn into one of my favourites. It is one of the smaller books for a while, but that is not a bad thing, in reality what it means is that the plot is succinct and doesn’t drag which all helps keep the action moving at a fast pace.

The whole idea of the plot is brilliant and Harry having to work with Nicodemus was a great twist. As always the characters are brilliant, especially Butters who really comes into his own in this novel.  And yet again I laughed out loud so many times due to the fantastic humour always present in The Dresden Files.

Another great Dresden novel that as always doesn’t disappoint. Read it now

Rating: 5/5
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