Comic Review – Atomic Robo – Deadly Art of Science #1

Chicago, 1930. Mobsters! Hijacked lab equipment! Mystery Men! Gunfights! Car chases! A mad scientist’s machines, machinations, and the conspiracy behind it all! Tesla too! And that’s just in the first issue  ATOMIC ROBO AND THE DEADLY ART OF SCIENCE!

I’ve been a big Atomic Robo fan since day one  so wherever I here there’s another installment of his adventures on the way I clear my schedule  so there is no interruptions.

The four volumes which have been released so far from Red 5 Comics have been a great mixture of pulp adventure, , humor, action and fantastic visuals.  The creative team of Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener, Ronda Pattison and Jeff Powell just keep getting better with each volume and this first issue of volume 5 is no exception.

In this issue we find a bored and much younger Robo stumbling upon masked crime fighter Jack Tarot and his sidekick Nightingale.  Young Robo is, like myself, a huge fans of the pulps or an illustrated periodical as he calls them. He sees this chance meeting with Tarot as fate giving him a flesh and blood mentor in the ways of all things adventure. Tarot on the other hand is far too caught up in his latest cast  and sees Robo as a metallic pain in the ass.

Jack Tarot is a great addition to the ever growing cast of the Atomic Robo universe with style which harkens back to the very best of old school pulp characters.  You could quite easily see Jack Tarot serials done by the guys at Republic Pictures back in day along side King of the Rocketmen and many others. This being the first issue you can already see the makings of a great comedy double act in Robo and Tarot in the best tradition of buddy cop films or in this case vigilante and robotic side. By the end of this issue we can tell that murky dealings are afoot and a diabolical and devious plot is about to be hatched (or at least I hope one is…after all who doesn’t like a good diabolical plot being hatched).

As always Wegener’s clean, crisp visuals  together with Pattison’s great colors  are top-notch and work well in complementing Clevinger’s writing.

If you’re fan of Atomic Robo then, in terms of art, writing and story, this is more of the same which is not a criticism as the comic is  a great run read. If you’re new to the Atomic Robo series then given the fact that we’re being introduced to a much younger Robo in this series it almost feels like a orgin story (of at least the more adventurous side of Robo personality) and should be a good jumping on point for new readers.

I really don’t know how many more issues of Atomic Robo I can review, to be honest, as I’m running out of different ways to say how much I enjoy this comic series.

All in all Atomic Robo Vol 5, issue 1 is a great read and well worth you checking out!

GS Reviewer: Nuge


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