COMIC REVIEW: Genesis, One-Shot

Hitting shelves on April 16th, Genesis is a new creator-owned one-shot from writer Nathan Edmondson (@nathanedmondson )and relative newcomer artist Alison Sampson (@itsthatlady). As the solicit states, “Adam wants to change the world. He’s about to find that limitless power is a terrible fate.”

Adam is a preacher. After a near-death experience, he discovers that he has the curious ability of being able to reshape the world around him with just a thought. At first, it’s miraculous. Later, it becomes a curse as Adam finds that it’s not just his purposeful thoughts that reshape the world, but the paths that his mind wanders down too.

Edmondson writes Genesis, as story largely different than his spy/thriller themed works like Who is Jake Ellis? or Punisherand he doesn’t stumble. It’s a story that builds, starting simply enough and then growing in scope in concept as the pages turn, eventually leaving the reader with a bit more to think about as the last page ends. It’s an account of power corrupting and breaking an ostensibly morally right man, a preacher no less. Edmondson gives the reader a truly realized story in this one-and-done comic, something that most fail to do.

Sampson admits that this, her first real longform comic project, had a bit of a learning curve, but that’s not apparent to readers. The art is mesmerizing, striking a different tone than many artists currently. At time it’s a bit “busy” or crowded, but there’s a sort of magic to that as it seems like there are whole backgrounds or characters that have been drawn with one continuous line, never ending, just continuing on. Sampson’s architecture background is well-displayed as buildings in background shots, things normally largely overlooked by many artists, are as intricate and well-built as anything else in the comic.

Genesis is surely a remarkable debut for Sampson and another solid effort from Edmondson. It’s a morality tale told in a very peculiar way, with power corrupting and changing all. Be sure to pre-order the book while there’s still time. Alison Sampson created an order slip you can print out and hand in at your shop, so it’s quite easy. As a one-shot, this is likely the only chance you’ll have to read Genesis, so don’t procrastinate!

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Leo Johnson

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