END OF STORY ARC “PART FIVE” Conclusion. The Old Guard falls. Literally. THE OLD GUARD will return in 2018!

I know it’s strange to be reviewing the final issue of a series, but The Old Guard #5 was so surprisingly awesome that I had to write about it !

You see, Ruck and Fernandez have done something with this issue (and the series in general) which is rare in current comics. It’s not that the dialogue crackles with humour and unexpected insight (best line for me was “What do you expect ? Skyscrapers have been around for less than a century”), nor is it that the artwork serves the ultra-violence and quiet moments perfectly – the scene of the team entering the hotel is sheer brilliance. Oh and check out the scene below for a masterpiece of fight choreography.

What elevates this issue above other current comics is that new characters are introduced, travel around the globe, go through dramatic changes and  move into a new status quo. In a time when stories are criticised for being “decompressed”, it was refreshing to see a story in which so much happens in one issue.

This is a comic well worth your time and money, as it had more happening in its pages than a year’s worth of other series !

Title:  The Old Guard #5

Publisher:   Image

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Brett Harris 

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