saga15-coverIt’s all getting too much! These cliffhanger endings Saga keeps giving us are going to give us a heart attack!

Everything starts coming together.

The front cover is a hilarious send up of tacky romance novel covers, Marko wearing the standard open poofy shirt and Alana draped over him seductively. Apparently no one ever manages to buy clothes that fit and everyone struggles to keep them on properly on any romance novel cover.

Alana and Marko are still in the lighthouse of romance writer D. Oswald Heist along with baby Hazel, disembowelled ghost Izabel and Marko’s formidable mother. This section delves a little more into Alana’s psyche and we see what makes her tick during a psyche out playing a particularly brutal boardgame. It raises lots of issues around modern day ideals behind motherhood and what’s expected of people once they pop out a sprog.

We get a bit more back story with reporters Upsher and Doff as they meet Countess Robot X, who seems to be a bigger cad than Prince Robot IV. Her measures for taking out a sniper could be called a little … drastic. They’re still probing the story behind Alana’s betrayal of her own people. And we learn some unsurprising truths about what got Alana in trouble in the first place.

We also catch up with The Will, Gwendolyn, ex-slave child Sophie and Lying Cat. They make the decision to leave the planet they crashed on and resume their chase of Alana and Marko, but nothing ever runs that smoothly.

The ending is a corker. Not since Lying Cat-gate have we gasped so much at a comics closing pages. Small objects were sucked into the abyss that is our mouth, we keep coughing up paper clips.

Brian K. Vaughn is an evil genius and a hilarious writer, this is one of the best ongoing series out there today. Fiona Staples artwork is just gorgeous, and really consistent. She never ever produces an off page!

What we love about Saga is that NO ONE is safe in this comic. We’re going to have to start reading it from behind the sofa, where it’s safe and warm. We can’t wait for the next issue to see how this shocking ending resolves itself…if it does.

Title: Saga #15

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: 4 /5

Reviewer: Sara Westrop

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