saga_16-1 It’s an issue with plenty of new twists…but we’re coming down with a case of twist fatigue.

Two war correspondents stumble onto the biggest story in the universe.

Saga finds it’s strengths in some cracking plot twists and cliffhanger endings, but it is starting to feel like this is at the expense of seeing more character development.

Each issue focuses on so many characters that it can feel like everything is moving at a bit of a snails pace. There was no progress really in last issues cliffhanger and so nothing felt particularly memorable in this segment. We had actually forgotten what happens in the middle of this issue between reading it and going to write the review!

The bit we forgot was a very flat exchange between Marko and Alana trying to figure out what kind of jobs they can take on while still getting used to parenting. It feels similar to discussions last issue about job seeking and securing their own futures.

The first segment of this comic had what could be a potentially big twist, but it didn’t feel believable. Because we haven’t spent a more substantial amount of time with this character recently it seems very unlikely that there was any truth in this twist, which meant any potential tension with that reveal was lost.

It did end on a pretty big cliffhanger again. You get the feeling that next issue everything is going to kick off! Hopefully once the dust settles we’ll see a bit more character development and maybe a change in destination for this unusual family. We’d like to see more of their family life and how they’re going to settle into their roles as parents.

The artwork is still beautiful though. Fiona Staples is one of the best artists out there at the moment. Her characters are easily distinguishable, very striking and expressive. Her faces convey such emotions and beauty. We want her to draw everything!

This has been a weaker issue, but hopefully next month we’ll get a big pay off.

Title: Saga #16

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: 2/5

Reviewer: Sara Westrop

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