COMIC REVIEW: Thought Bubble Anthology 2013

Well, those clever folks have done it again and produced a gorgeous anthology full some of the best and brightest names in the comic industry.

Featuring a variety of original tales by incredible industry talent from around the world, plus some shining new start of the UK comics community, our anthologies are curated with the ultimate aim of showcasing the very best sequential art has to offer. This collection will also print the winners of 2012’s Thought Bubble Art Competition, and all profits from the sales of this comic will go to the charity Barnado’s

Contributors for 2013’s anthology include Cameron Stuart, Brandon Graham, Ming Doyle, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Ramon Perez, Jeffrey brown and Many More!

That’s an impressive list of talent right? This is the third anthology from Thought Bubble, it ties in with the annual comics festival that takes place in a few weeks on November 23rd-24th and each year it gets better.

There are 24 stories to mull and coo over and it starts off with an inspired Elephantmen and Judge Dredd crossover with ‘Judge Flask’, where Judge Dredd, high as a kite on candy, is chasing down a Judged up Flask.

Other stand out stories are Rain Falling like Hammers from Lee Barnett and artist Oliver Redding, it’s beautiful and haunting. I Am Meckie from Ramok K Perez was a hilarious sci-fi short, which managed to fit a hell of a lot of staples into one page (robot, guns, war ships, a weird all knowing lizard)

There was another great crossover with a Chloe Noonan and Ellerbisms story, we aren’t going to give away any more, but one line in particular had us howling! We love the sardonic sense of humour that ran through this page.

There’s other great stories featuring demanding cats, menacing thought bubbles, a carnivorous kebab and a caveman dentist.

The thing that’s great about this anthology is that it is so varied, there is something everyone will like, and the artwork is so diverse and rich, with so many different styles it’s a really compelling read. There’s a great mix of different stories, lots of humour and also some sniffle inducing tales. There really isn’t one weak link in this book of tiny tales.

We highly recommend you run out and buy this now. You can buy the anthology in all good comic shops or over on Comixology and it’s only £2.49, which is a bargain! Also all the proceeds go to Barnardo’s, so you’ll get the added bonus of a warm fuzzy feeling from helping kiddies while reading an excellent book.

Title: Thought Bubble Anthology 2013

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: 5 /5

Reviewer: Sara Westrop

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  1. Many thanks – so pleased you liked RAIN FALLING LIKE HAMMERS. Mr Redding really pulled the stops out on the story and I’m delighted with how it turned out.

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