COMIC REVIEW: Vamped #1-3

“Vamped: a 6 issues comic mini-series about a vampire bite that changes the lives of a group of small town nerds forever. Think Clerks meets The Lostboys. Together artist and co-creator Jason Bienvenu and I have dreamed up a world where comics, video games, and vampires coexist. Where pop-culture reigns supreme and vampires don’t follow the rules of traditional fiction.”

How would I best describe this comic?  I would say, think Scott Pilgrim and Spaced but with vampires.  It’s funny, it knows it’s reference points and it’s a cracking little comic that people need to read.  It’s a great story about a group of friends, not unlike my own, whose lives are changed when a vampire comes into their lives and turns one of them into a creature of the night.  Or not really, but then this comic doesn’t necessarily follow the vampire rules that we’ve all come to know so well.  It’s not the usual teen vampire love story schlock: Vamped is much smarter than that and a hell of a lot funner.  But there’s also a deeper story there too.  One that focuses on loneliness and apathy that I think a lot of us can be afflicted by in our daily lives.  It’s also a story about friendship and acceptance so under all the geek references and sharp wit, there is a much deeper, more personal story to be told.

I really enjoyed the style of the whole comic.  The panels were easy to follow (which isn’t always the case in some comics), the script was short but explained everything very succinctly, and I really loved the entire colour palette.  I’m quite a visual person so if I’m not feeling the mix of colours in a comic then I won’t usually bother finishing it.  I know that’s ridiculous and I’m probably missing out on a whole heap of fantastic comics but that’s just how it is.   Vamped doesn’t disappoint for me in that aspect at all.  In fact, there were some panels that reminded me of sweeties, which is a good thing because I do love sweeties!

Untitled 1

One of the things I did when I’d finished the three issues was go back and see how many movie posters I could spot in the background whenever the gang we all over at Max and Dunn’s.  So far, I’ve counted about seven.  I’ll have to go back and recount because I’m sure there are more.  I could probably spend hours re-reading and finding something new tucked away in the background that I didn’t see the first time round, or even the fifth time round.

On the whole, Vamped gets my vote as a must read.  And if you read this six issue mini-series and love it then you’re in for a treat because there’ s a film adaptation coming and it looks damn good! I know that I’ll be doing my best to get my greedy paws on it when it’s released, but then I always have been a sucker for a well made B-movie horror.

Title: Vamped

Story & Art: Donny Broussard, Jason Bienvenu

Script Editor: David Lawson


Rating: 4/5

GS Blogger: Vix

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