Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 6: The Almost People

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What’s It About?
Earth in the 27th Century, The Doctor, Amy and the crew of the remote mining station are trapped by the Flesh made life DoppleGangers. As tensions between the two groups rise, can the Doctor prevent a slaughter – and who’s side will his own Ganger be on?

Review It

After the strong opener, I thought this episode was slightly poorer over-all. There seemed to be a lot of running around and confusion and at times, I found myself a little lost as to what exactly was going on. Personally, I found the musical score quite intrusive this week and there were a number of times when I missed a piece of dialogue because it was drowned out almost completely.

Matt Smith seemed to revel in playing two Doctors this week and it was nice to see the Ganger Doctor maintain the real Time Lord’s principles. It would have been easy to turn this into a Doctor vs Doctor episode which would probably have detracted from the rest of the story somewhat. As with the opening two parter, we see an element of Time Lord cunning, as the Doctor plans ahead – setting an action in motion that will be revealled later in the episode. A nice touch and a sign that although this incarnation often bumbles through a situation, he still has the fantastic mind that is his trademark.

I was a bit dissapointed that the Rory / Jennifer / Amy situation was pretty much ignored after quite a large build up. Amy and Rory are seperated practically throughout the episode and Mr. Pond is left to become prey to the manipulations of the “monster” in the story. So much so that he almost winds up putting paid to the humans and the TARDIS crew.

It was nice to see that the ethics introduced last week were not ignored here – and in fact were built on by the revelation of a dumping ground for failed Gangers. This was paid off in the denumont where two survivors – one Human and one Ganger headed off to a press-conference to help bring a stop to the (mis)use of the Flesh in industrial situations.

And the niggles?

I’m 98% sure that the wrong Doctor had the Sonic at one point this episode – The Brown shoed Doctor passed it to the black shoed one… Black shoes got knocked out and when he came round (with the gangers), he popped it in his pocket. Cut to brown shoe … who had the sonic. Again – I thought the use of Jenny as the villain was a bit forced and the sudden turning into a real monster also seemed a little shoe-horned to me. Honestly, I don’t think anything as blatant was required.

In summary:

While the episode didn’t quite live up to my hopes from the previous one, it was by no means a poor episode. The plot moved along swiftly, if a little confusedly at times and there were again moments of character that shone through to help me through the mild befuddlement.

The cliffhanger for the mid-series finale was strong and the complete lack of a “Next time …” trail certainly helps to keep the tension going.

Rate It: 3.5 / 5.
Dry Slaps: 0
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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