DVD REVIEW: The Day of the Doctor

Doctor Who 50th DVDAs the world gears up for the end of Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor (*sob*), we take a moment here to look back at the brilliant 50th anniversary episode “The Day of the Doctor,” available on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 10th.




“The Day of the Doctor” really did take the world by storm – if you don’t believe me, check out the U.S. box office results for the weekend of the 23rd. Rightfully so, it was brilliant. You can check out the Geek Syndicate 5 -star review of the episode itself here.

The DVD contains the full episode, along with some fun bonus features:

  • “The Last Day” – this mini-episode takes place on the first day of the Time War, and is told from the POV of a newly recruited Arcadian soldiers. At times disorienting, and chilling throughout, a very short but effective way to capture the horror that would eventually become the Time War.
  • “The Night of the Doctor” – Paul McGann returns as the 8th Doctor in this mini-episode, which introduces John Hurt as the War Doctor.
  • “The Day of the Doctor: Behind the Lens” – follow the cast and crew behind the scenes as they film the 50th anniversary episode, from the initial table read all the way to the final shot. This BTS feature was a special post-episode treat for those of us in the US who saw the episode in theaters.
  • “Doctor Who Explained” – a great primer for Whobies (Doctor Who newbies – get it??) or for those of us who need a refresher. Current and former Doctors and companions take us through the history of Doctor Who, including information about the TARDIS, the companions, the Doctor’s greatest enemies, and much more.
  • Trailers: the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary tribute teaser trailer and the San Diego Comic Con trailer for “The Day of the Doctor.”

Great special features all around – I especially enjoyed “Doctor Who Explained” because it took a look back at the early Doctors that started it all, and it was fun to see earlier incarnations of the villains we know today (especially the old Cybermen costumes!).

If you loved “The Day of the Doctor,” you’ll definitely want to pick up the DVD. I know I’m about to watch it again (and again)!


Episode Rating: 5/5
Special Features Rating: 5/5
DVD Reviewer: Mirjana

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