Fringe Season 3 Episode 16 ‘Os’


The Fringe team is called in to investigate the death of a thief whose corpse defies gravity. Meanwhile, Walter becomes obsessed with bringing William Bell’s spirit back so that he can use his friend’s help to stop the breakdown of barriers between the two universes.

This is a robust piece of Fringe sillynesss. However in the madness of the central conceit there is a hint of horrors to come. Or is there? Perhaps Walter is over-egging the pudding?

And of course being Fringe there is a last thirty second kick in the balls. In this case the shift is gut-wrenching emotional as well as on the evil-Kirk side of Sci-Fi daft. Without going into specifics let’s just say Anna Torv will be getting to demonstrate some further impressive acting chops in the future.

So how was the episode? Great performances of course, especially from the guest star who may have had some association with Ferris Bueller in his past but here shows real gravitas. The plot for all it’s sillyness works with the clues and revelations fitting together well. The fact is that the villain’s motivation not only works on it’s own but also as a reflection on Walter/Walternates attitudes to experimentation. Thinking about it isn’t that what every Fringe mad scientist story does? Am I over-thinking or are the script writers very clever indeed?

On the emotional side we get an anxious Walter and Peter opening up to Olivia about his side projects of Shape-shifter murder just prior to the game changing last thirty seconds. All nice touches.

So in short a bit of a return to form.

GS Rating: 4/5

GS Reviewer: Clarkythecruel

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