Geek Night Out Review – Stand up Comedy with a Geek flavour

As part of the Sci-fi London Film Festival there was an evening of stand up comedy and this is what it was like.

This was a long but very funny evening hosted by Rob Deb.  Apparently Geek Night Out has been going on for a couple of years and no one told me.  Rob is a blatant comic geek and while some of his gags may have ben a touch indecipherable for some, I was all over it.

First up was Rik Moore, a wrestling geek with the most embarrassing real llife almost sex story.  You’ll have to sk him or me privately I’m simply not telling on this website.

Next was Bec Hill.  Bec is far too cute to be real, but she is.  She was hilarious, full of energy, had a great audience interaction and we learned a lot about the dangers of inappropriate  superpowers amongst other things.  At one point she asked the audience what superpowers they would like and some woman said “the powers to cloud mens minds”.  Personally I thought that’s what boobs were for.

Then Gemma Whelan was up.  Her method is to be an 1800’s lady exploring the modern world.  She held the character wonderfully but I would love to see her develop the character further as it was quite a short set that didn’t quite exploit the scenario as best it could.

Richard Sandling took the stage next and had us cracking up with his geek observations particularly his stories of gigging at sci-fi conventions.  I have learnt to never confuse a trekkie with a treker.  Serious stuff.

And finally was the headline act Dean Haglund, the lone gunman of X-files fame.  A bloody funny guy who got a member of the audience up to make sound effects to his improvisation of a pre credit x-files scene.

All in all a bloody good night.  I will definetly be checking out Geek night Out in the future and you can to right here – Geek Night Out

GS Reporter: Monts

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