Heroes Season 3, Episode 11: The Eclipse Part II

This reveal contains minor spoilers

This reveal contains minor spoilers

The eclipse will be over soon,  but that might not happen in time to help Claire, who was shot  in the previous episode. Without her powers to heal her, Claire is in seriously bad shape.

No one else is having a better time during  the eclipse. This is the one time that Arthur Petrelli can be killed, and he is terrified of that fact. He wants Mohinder to find a way to bring his powers back before anyone figures out they’re gone.

Matt learns the truth about Daphne’s life before the first eclipse. She had cerebral palsy before the first eclipse, and now she’s embarassed that she’s powerless and back to being crippled. The Petrellui brothers, meanwhile,  are stuck in Haiti to not only get the Haitian to come with them, but to also stop the Haitian’s brother, a warlord named Baron Samdi.

Most of the heroes don’t have it figured out. It’s not until Hiro and Ando read the 9th Wonders comic and talk to the comic shop clerks (Seth Green and * in guest roles) that they realize the eclipse has something to do with their powers waning.

The only one who takes advantage of the eclipse is Noah, who takes his  vengeance on Sylar for all the hell he’s brought to the Bennet family and all his innocent victims.

Rate it: 4

A much better episode than part 1. This had a bit of suspense and quite a bit of action as well. You know that everything’s going to turn out alright for the good guys, for the most part, but there’s always a slight chance the writers could give us a twist ending. I didn’t even mind the blatant Jeph Loeb Marvel product placement!

Dry Slaps: 0

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